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Posted 30 Nov, 2017

ProCEEd joined the first annual Education and Job Fair in Nakai

ProCEEd participated in the first ever Nakai Education and Job Fair in Khammouane province this November, which gave the ProCEEd project a chance to teach attendees about its work, raise awareness about environmental issues, and network with organisations working toward similar goals...More

Posted 23 Nov, 2017

ProCEEd and MoNRE Representatives Participate in Rare Species Workshop in Cambodia

From 14-15 November, representatives from ProCEEd, MoNRE/DEQP traveled to Pnohm Penh to participate in the “Wonder of the Mekong” rare species workshop, where they shared their experiences working on conservation in Laos and learned from other participants representing five countries and dozens of organisations...More

Posted 15 Nov, 2017

ProCEEd holds planning operation workshop to discuss future of project

ProCEEd and DEQP met on 7 November to discuss the future of the ProCEEd project, plan educational activities and collaborate on their implementation. Participants got a preview of the next phase of ProCEEd and provided feedback on how to make programs stronger...More

Posted 07 Nov, 2017

Raising Awareness about waste management at That Luang Festival

With over 1,000 people visiting That Luang during the That Luang Festival in Vientiane, waste generation and reduction is a major issue. This year, the National University of Laos and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment collaborated to educate attendees about waste and make sure garbage at the festival was being disposed of properly...More

Posted 03 Nov, 2017

ProCEEd Conducts Creative Workshop on Non-Formal Education in Khammouane Province

In August 2017, ProCEEd held a workshop to train organisations in Khammouane Province in developing non-formal environmental education activities to strengthen their work. Participants were empowered to create their own awareness raising projects, with the hopes that they will implement them with their target stakeholders across the province...More

Posted 27 Oct, 2017

Manual on "Environmental Education and Communication in Laos" Available Online 

ProCEEd has made available online three volumes of a manual on "Environmental Education and Communication in Laos" which will also be translated into Lao language. The manual incorporates results and experiences related to the environmental tours, environmental education and communication activities and related human capacity development efforts accomplished by the project between 2011 and 2017....More

Posted 9 Oct, 2017

The Future of ProCEEd within ProFEB

Until September 2017, ProCEEd used to a project in the natural resource sector that the German government supports in Lao PDR. When ProCEEd will join the ProFEB family of projects in October 2017, it will grow stronger in a new structure. ProFEB will combine the efforts of ProCEEd with those of the two other projects, Integrated Nature Conservation & Sustainable Resource Management in the Hin Nam No Region (HNN) and Support to the Lao EU-FLEGT Process (ProFLEGT)....More

Posted 3 Oct, 2017

Survey on the Quality of Environmental Journalism in Laos

ProCEEd has been supporting environmental journalism in Laos through sustained human capacity development, training and coaching since 2013. The project trained and co-produced environmental features with journalists from LNR and LNTV. In 2017, the project conducted a survey onthe quality of environmental journalism among stakeholders working in the environmental sector in Vientiane, Khammouane and Houaphan... More

Posted 25 Sept, 2017

Lively Discussions during Seminar on Environmental Education and Communication in Laos

More than 70 representatives from government, media, academic and civil society organizations joined the ProCEEd Seminar "Environmental Education and Communication in Laos" in Vientiane on 5-6 September, 2017. Participants contributed their comments and ideas in six rounds of questions and answers related to the presentations delivered , and in two working group sessions at the end of the first and the second day....More

Posted 11 Sept, 2017

Surveys on Environmental Awareness in Laos

Since 2011, MoNRE and GIZ have been implementing the Promotion of Climate-related Environmental Education (ProCEEd) project which aims at improving the environmental knowledge, attitudes and practices of villagers and urban decision makers. ProCEEd started with a comprehensive environmental awareness survey in 2012 in order to design its implementation strategy on a sound data basis... More

Posted 30 Aug, 2017

Environmental radio features produced by Khammouane Radio ‘on air’ in September 2017

ProCEEd is currently supporting radio journalists from Khammouane Provincial Radio in the production of environmental features. Eight 15-minute-long features will be ‘on air’ in September 2017. They include interviews with members of the public and will raise awareness on biodiversity conservation, wildlife conservation, forest protection, climate change, and co-management of protected areas...More

Posted 3rd July, 2017

MoNRE Delegation Explores Environmental Education in Germany

A MoNRE delegation explored environmental education and communi­cation during a study tour to Germany on 14-25 June, 2017. The tour started off in Bonn and ended in Berlin with Essen, Osnabrück, Mardorf, and Hamburg as stops in between the old and new capital of Germany. The delegation dedicated their heads, hearts and hands to new experiences along the way...  More

Posted 1st Jun, 2017

Second ProCEEd Photo Exhibition a Great Success 

ProCEEd's photo exhibition 2017 has been a great success. Since March 2017, the exhibition has attracted numerous visitors while hosted by various organizations in Vientiane Capital. The exhibition on environmental issues in Laos presents photos made by Lao citizens. The exhibition aims at making people reflect on environmental beauty, problems and challenges... More

Posted 25 May, 2017

Development Assistant Takes up Work in Khammouane 

Phillip Bengel, a 29 year-old environmental engineer and education specialist, is going to be based in the Khammouane Province where he will support PoNRE's environmental education and communication activities as a development advisor. Before starting to work in Thakek in two months, he has been complementing the ProCEEd team at the project office in Vientiane since 20 April, 2017and joined the environmental tour to Khammouane Province in May 2017….More

Posted 18 May, 2017

Training Future Media Professionals

In March 2017, ProCEEd started training more than 20 students and teachers at the Mass Communication Department, Faculty of Letter, National University of Laos on the production of an environmental TV program. The students engaged in intensive production workshops on TV script writing, pre-production, props making and production. This will provide them with skills that will benefit their capacities, skills and future career in the TV industry. More...

Posted 5 May, 2017

Forest Guards Improve Village Livelihood by Protecting Gibbons

People's engagement is a key factor in the protection of wildlife in Laos. The Gibbon experience is therefore at the forefront of the last of five articles about wildlife conservation in Laos published in Vientiane Times and Paxason. More...

Posted 28 April, 2017

Why We Need Bats

Some wildlife species in Laos are in threatened by extinction. This reflects a concern of the third of five articles about wildlife conservation in Laos published in Vientiane Times and Paxason. This article focuses on some of the importance of protecting bats for the sake of rural people's livelihoods and balanced ecosystems. More...

Posted 21 April, 2017

Killing for Traditional Medicine 

Many wildlife species are in danger. This is a case in point for the third of five articles about wildlife conservation in Laos published in Vientiane Times and Paxason. This article focuses on some of the threats that endanger the survival of wild animals. More...

Posted 7 April, 2017

Wildlife in Laos - A Valued Treasure 

Many people value nature and wildlife as a treasure. This is a case in point for the second of five articles about wildlife conservation in Laos that was published in Vientiane Times and Paxason. This article focuses on the situation of wildlife in the country and what puts wild animals and plants in danger. More...

Posted 31 March, 2017

Laos - Wealth in Wild Animals and Plants 


This article is part of a series on wildlife protection published in Vientiane Times and Paxason. The articles are based on ten facts that cover a wide range of topics such as types of and threats to wildlife, illegal wildlife trade, hunting laws and things readers can do to protect wildlife. This first of five articles focuses on what wildlife means and the variety of habitats for wild animals and plants. More...

Posted 1 Feb, 2017

Environmental Documentary Program on LNTV Starts on 21 Feb, 2017

Lao viewers are invited to watch a new environmental documentary series broadcast on Lao National Television (LNTV) Channel 3 program "For the Environment" every Tuesday at 7:40, 15:40 and 20:40. The first episode of the documentary series is launched on Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017. It is about nature conservation in the Nam Kan National Protected Area in Bokeo Province where forest guards protect gibbons through preserving their habitat. More...

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Environmental Awareness Raising Activities Conducted by PONRE in Khammouane

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Second Survey on Environmental Awareness in Laos

As a follow-up to the 2012 KAP survey, ProCEEd launched a post-KAP in November 2016. It will compare results from 2012 with the ones from 2016. More...

Comic Book and Illustrations on Wildlife Conservation

ProCEEd published a comic book and a series of illustrations on wildlife conservation used on the 2016 Environmental Tour. More...

Training on Provincial Environmental Radio Programs

ProCEEd trained journalists from radio stations in Khammouane and Houaphan on environmental radio program productions. More...


You can now watch 12 professionally produced documentary films broadcast on LNTV in 2017. Three or four episodes of 15 minutes each make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic, e.g. wildlife or forest protection. More films supported by ProCEEd and other GIZ projects are shown as well.


You can listen in to selected radio programs produced by LNR Khammouane in Thakek and Boualapha as well as by LNR Huaphan in Sam Neua and Houameuang. Some of them have even been translated into Khmu and Hmong language. Three 15-min episodes make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic.


At the provincial and district level, Environmental Tours with entertaining environmental education activities regularly tour four provinces and Vientiane Capital. A bus and a truck using solar-powered equipment facilitate film, theatre and local learning and discussion initiatives. Don’t miss the tour!