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Posted 23 Dec, 2016

Team Changes 2016

In 2016, numerous staff changes lent ProCEEd new faces. Altogether,  six new persons joined the project while four left, and one person tragically passed away. Given these fresh resources, the whole ProCEEd team worked hard in order to achieve the project’s objectives. More...

Posted 15 Dec, 2016

Second Lao Environmental Awareness Study on its Way 

ProCEEd conducted a first-ever comprehensive environmental awareness (KAP) survey among villagers and urban decision makers in Vientiane, Khammouane, Huaphan and Sayaboury in late 2012. As a follow-up, the project launched a post-KAP on 21 Nov, 2016 that started with a 3-day training on interview and focus group discussion techniques for 20 participants from different departments and levels of MoNRE. More...

Posted 2 Dec, 2016

Villages Trained on Lao Forestry, Wildlife and Aquatic Law


From 30 Oct to 3 Nov 2016, the ProCEEd field assistant in Sam Neua, staff of PONRE Houaphan and village authorities held a training on forestry, wildlife and aquatic law in four villages in Houamueang District: Soplap, Phiengdee, Sonkhua and Mueang-O villages. The training was to ensure that villagers understand the importance of forest and wildlife conservation and the sanctions when violating related laws. More...

Posted 10 Nov, 2016

Environmental Education in Laos: Learning with Head, Hand and Heart A Personal Account by Intern Gesche Wilhelmi  

As a media producer I always wanted to combine my creative work with social aspects. This is why I was more than lucky to find out about ProCEEd while searching for a topic for my Master’s thesis in Media and Education. After five months of my Lao internship, I feel grateful for the experiences and insights I gained in Laos, having been a part of a wonderful team that gave me many opportunities to learn and ask questions. More...

Posted 15 Oct, 2016

Comic Book and Illustrations on Wildlife Conservation Published 

In late September 2016, ProCEEd published a comic book titled "My Little Deer Friend" and a series of illustrations on wildlife conservation. These publications were first put to good use on the Environmental Tour that has been on the road since early October 2016. As rural audiences often do not speak Lao language, and as many of them are illiterate, the project intends to use more  visual than text information in environmental education. More...

Posted 30 Sept, 2016

4th Summer Film School 2016 a Success

On 16 Sept, 2016 participants of the 4th Summer Film School presented three completed films to members and media experts of the ProCEEd project as well as representatives of PADETC and DEQP. The audience was impressed by the remarkable results the students have achieved during the four-week workshop. One of the films will be shown in the ProCEED's upcoming Environmental Tour about Wildlife Protection in Sayaboury and Khammouane. More...

Posted 15 Sept, 2016

Training on Moderation and Participatory Rapid Appraisal Methods for PONRE Staff


ProCEEd's extended its capacity development efforts  to environmental authorities at the provincial and district level . Staff from Khammouane, Houaphan, Bolikhamxai and Sayaboury joined a workshop on methods related to Moderation and Visualization for Group Events and Participatory Rapid Appraisal in Vientiane on 5-7 Sept, 2016. They learned how to use such methods with rural target groups in ProCEEd's environmental education activities.  More...

Posted 3 Sept, 2016

Hands-on Training on the Production of Provincial Environmental Radio Programs 

ProCEEd trained more than 70 radio journalists from four provincial and district radio stations in Khammouane  and Houaphan on the production of environmental radio programs. The training aimed at enhancing the journalists’ basic knowledge and capacities about environmental issues. The trainings were held in Thakhek, Khammouane Province on 27 July, 2016 and in Samneua, Houaphan Province on 5 Aug, 2016. More...

Posted 1 Sept, 2016

Capacity Development on Environmental Education for Province and District Staff in Khammouane

ProCEEd held a Introduction into Environmental Education workshop in Thakek, Khammouane on 23-25 August, 2016. Nine participants from PONRE Thakhek and three from DONRE Boualapha achieved a better understanding of what environmental education is all about by means of an overview and examples as well as working group sessions on related outreach activities. The workshop aimed at developing capacities related to environmental education activities. More...

Posted on 25 Aug, 2016

Theatre Workshop on Waste Management with Mobile Conservation Unit

Enthusiastic applause and bravos rewarded the young MCU team for a great theatre performance after a seven-day training 11-19 Aug, 2016. The training was organized by ProCEEd in association with the Khao Niew theatre group at Setha Palace Hotel in Vientiane. The trainers struck a good balance between acting lessons and working on the theatre script. Every day began with a warming-up session followed by different acting and imagination exercises.  More...

Posted 15 Aug, 2016

Tuned-in for the 2016 Environmental Tour on Wildlife 

In a workshop in Vientiane on 8-12 August 2016, DEQP and PADETC volunteers tuned-in on this year's Environmental Tour on wildlife. ProCEEd's tour to Khammouane, Houaphan and Sayaboury is scheduled to start on 26 Sept, 2016. During the preparation workshop, DEQP and PADETC volunteers who run the tours upgraded their knowledge on wildlife conservation and their related skills in terms of environmental education methods and tools. More...

Posted on 15 June, 2016

Environmental Awareness Raising Activities Conducted by PONRE in Khammouane

On 25-26 May, 2016 the Khammouane Provincial Office for Natural Resources and Environment (PONRE) in cooperation with ProCEEd conducted its first field activities in Boualapha District. The activities aimed at learning about forest protection and natural disasters. The ProCEEd team comprised three volunteers from PONRE Thakhek and DONRE Boualapha. After a period of planning and preparation, the team practiced its skills in Dou and Nongbua village. More... 

Posted on 29 May, 2016

ProCEEd Team Changes

In early May 2016, Thipphaphone Channavong joined the ProCEED team as a junior translator. She is replacing Chanthala Koukeomanivong who is on maternal leave until August 2016. Development advisor Jonas Ewert recruited Phonevisay Silivong as his new assistant who supports him in his work with the Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment in Khammouane Province. More...

Posted on 25 May, 2016

Exchange on Environmental Education between Kyrgyzstan and Laos

On 9-13 May 2016, GIZ integrated expert Aline Rosset from the Kyrgyz Republic visited the ProCEEd project in Lao PDR for an exchange on methods and implementation modes of environmental awareness raising. She discussed ProCEEd's work with her GIZ colleagues in Vientiane and joined an Environmental Tour in the Houaphan in 15 villages of Houa-Muong District and for administrative staff of the provincial and district government from 9-28 May, 2016. More...

Posted on 03 May, 2016

Environmental Education Makes Government Authorities Aware of Importance of Forests

to Cope with Natural Disasters

Between March and April 2016, DEQP implemented ProCEEd's regular Environmental Tour for provincial and district government authorities in the Khammouanne, Sayaboury and Houaphan Provinces. The tour focused on forest protection and natural disasters. ProCEEd's didactical tool box is full of edutainment and interactive games, theatre plays, exercises and other elements that aim at increasing people's awareness related to environmental issues. More...

Posted 1 April, 2016

Skills Development and Performance Appraisal with ProCEEd Partners 

ProCEEd conducted a series of meetings with ProCEEd partners DEQP, PADETC and MCU to collect information for the project's monitoring system. DEQP, on behalf of MoNRE, has been implementing the project in cooperation with GIZ. PADETC and MCU have been assisting the project with non-formal education activities on Environmental Tours and public awareness events in Khammouane, Houaphan Sayaboury, Bolikhamxay and Vientiane. More...

Posted on 29 Feb, 2016

Useful Resources in the Garbage

On 20-21 February 2016, ProCEEd in cooperation with the Mobile Conservation Unit (MCU) of the National University of Laos and officials of the Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment (PONRE) seized the opportunity of the Sikhottabong Festival in Thakhek, Khammouane Province to stage non-formal environmental education activities on solid waste management. More...

Posted on 15 Feb, 2016

Media Production for Environmental Tour on Forest Protection and Natural Disasters

ProCEEd further developed a series of new educational tools including a puppet and a theater play in preparation for the next cycle of environmental tours starting by 29 Feb, 2016. During workshops held on 4-7 January and 8-12 February 2016, staff and volunteers of DEQP and PADETC   learned how to write scripts and develop theater plays. The theme for the new cycle of environmental tours is forest protection and natural disasters.  More...

Posted on 15 Feb, 2016

Environmental Tour to Khammouane Addressed Biodiversity

Twice a year, ProCEEd has its environmental bus and truck go on tour to Khammouane as one of the project's four target provinces. Between 25-29 January 2016, the so-called village tour visited the southern Boualapha Distric, and during the first week of February, the DEQP team continued with the government tour in  Thakhek and Boualapha. More...

Posted on 30 Jan, 2016

Thakhek Schools Enjoy Environmental Tour

On 23 January 2016, ProCEEd welcomed around 220 young people to an evening event of the ProCEEd environmental tour in Thakhek, the capital of Khammouane Province. The Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment (PONRE) as the organizer of the event appreciated that so many students, their parents and Thakhek citizens accepted the invitation which had been distributed at schools and through the radio. More...

Posted on 6 Jan, 2016

New Media and Methods for Environmental Tours 2016

As a follow-up to the Environmental Tour preparation workshop in August, DEQP and PADETC volunteers met in Vientiane on 14-17 Dec, 2016 upgraded their methodological skills for another cycle of village and government tours in 2016. The main theme for these tours from February to May 2016 will be Forest Protection and Natural Disasters. New media and methods took center stage of the workshop to improve participants' learning transfer skills. More...

Posted on 3 Jan, 2016

Provincial and District Journalists Trained in Environmental Radio

ProCEEd invited journalists from four provinces to a seminar and training in Vientiane on 7-11, 2015. Trainers from Lao National Radio assisted by a development communication specialist from Germany provided basic radio journalism and practice-oriented learning-by-doing on how to produce attractive environmental news and features. ProCEEd outlined the framework for an environmental radio support program in two provinces. More...

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Environmental Awareness Raising Activities Conducted by PONRE in Khammouane

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Second Survey on Environmental Awareness in Laos

As a follow-up to the 2012 KAP survey, ProCEEd launched a post-KAP in November 2016. It will compare results from 2012 with the ones from 2016. More...

Comic Book and Illustrations on Wildlife Conservation

ProCEEd published a comic book and a series of illustrations on wildlife conservation used on the 2016 Environmental Tour. More...

Training on Provincial Environmental Radio Programs

ProCEEd trained journalists from radio stations in Khammouane and Houaphan on environmental radio program productions. More...


You can now watch 12 professionally produced documentary films broadcast on LNTV in 2017. Three or four episodes of 15 minutes each make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic, e.g. wildlife or forest protection. More films supported by ProCEEd and other GIZ projects are shown as well.


You can listen in to selected radio programs produced by LNR Khammouane in Thakek and Boualapha as well as by LNR Huaphan in Sam Neua and Houameuang. Some of them have even been translated into Khmu and Hmong language. Three 15-min episodes make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic.


At the provincial and district level, Environmental Tours with entertaining environmental education activities regularly tour four provinces and Vientiane Capital. A bus and a truck using solar-powered equipment facilitate film, theatre and local learning and discussion initiatives. Don’t miss the tour!