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Posted 24 September, 2018

Training Workshop on Manual “Environmental Education and Communication in Laos" Develops Capacities of Government and Civil Society Organizations

On 17–21 Sept 2018, ProCEEd/ProFEBhas held a five-day training workshop on the use of three volumes of the manual “Environmental Education and Communication in Laos (EEC)" at Mercure Hotel in Vientiane Capital. The workshop strengthens the capacity of ProCEEd partners’ future trainers regarding the implementation of environmental education and awareness raising activities (EEA). A total of 16 participants from DEQP/MoNRE, PONRE and Mind Media company have joined the training...read more

Posted 17 September, 2018

  18 Provinces Plan for Up-Scaling Environmental Education across Laos

Representatives from all 18 provinces attended a workshop on Environmental Education and Awareness Raising (EEA) in Vientiane from 13 to 14 September 2018, to plan for up-scaling Environmental Education across Laos. A wide variety of environmental education and communication media and tools, with its aims to create awareness on various aspects of environment, climate change and connect to nature were exchanged....read more 

Posted 10 September, 2018

ProCEEd Enhances Capacity Building on the Interactive Facilitation of Events for Lao Environmental Education Organizations

ProCEEd and DEQP has held a workshop on Moderation and Visualization for Group Events (MOVE) and Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) at the Vientiane Plaza Hotel in Vientiane Capital. The twenty-five participants from different institutions such as DEQP, PONRE of Khammouane Province, DONRE of Boualapha district, MCU, SEED, Mind Media, RDA and LBA were invited to the training workshop....read more

Posted 30 July, 2018

ProCEEd conducts interactive skill and knowledge workshop on waste management for PONRE Khammouane

ProCEEd Component supported PONRE Khammouane with a training workshop on waste management, from August 23rd to 25th 2018. The objectives were to train 18 PONRE Khammouane's employees on the facts about, risks of and options for solid waste management...read more

Posted 20 April, 2018

ProCEEd, PONRE organize knowledge dissemination and photo exhibition in Thakhek district, Khammouane province

From 26th to 30th March 2018 and 2nd to 6th April 2018, ProCEEd component, in collaboration with Khammouane PONRE organized a photo exhibition to disseminate knowledge to students of the Nabo secondary school and DOES. The event was related to biodiversity conservation, forest and water protection, and waste system and rich bio-system management in Laos...read more

Posted 13 April, 2018

Civil society and government hand-in-hand developing capacities for environmental education and awareness in Lao PDR

To prepare field teams for ProCEEd’s environmental awareness and education tour from February-April 2018, ProCEEd held a series of trainings to build both government and civil society capacity regarding national protected areas, co-management, and environmental education techniques...read more

Posted 20 March, 2018

ProCEEd coaches PONRE, DONRE for theatre in Thakhek district, Khammouane province

A theatre workshop was held by ProCEEd/ProFEB, GIZ in collaboration with KHAONIEW Theater Group, the Lao Acting Group. Participants were officials from PoNRE, DoNRE and DES of Boualapha District. The theatre, “Funartpenjing means dream probably comes true”, reflected procedures for sustainable forest protection and water resources in line with the living condition of local local people...read more

Posted 06 March, 2018

ProCEEd launches environmental articles series on main newspapers of Laos

Lao and English readers are invited to follow up two environmental article series to be published on both main Laos newspapers,  Vientiane Time and Pasaxon.  “10 Facts on Co-management of National Protected Areas in Lao PDR” series will be published every Tuesday from 6th March 2018 to 15th May 2018 and "Photos journalism" series will be published weekly, every Thursday, from 8th March 2018 to 19th July 2018....read more

Posted 10 Feb, 2018

ProCEEd conducts outreach training on bylaw dissemination in Hin Nam No national protected area

ProCEEd’s Khammouane province team recently conducted a training for organisations in and around the Hin Nam No national protected area, with the aim of helping them creatively disseminate information to communities about how to use the protected land...read more

Posted 30 Jan, 2018

ProCEEd/ProFEB, together with PONRE Khammouane, implement EEA activities under the topic “Waste management, biodiversity conservation and forest protection” at Sikhottabong festival

PONRE and ProCEEd/ProFEB implement Environmental Education and Awareness raising (EEA) under the topic “waste management, biodiversity conservation and forest protection”.  Numbers of visitors learnt how to categorize waste types, know how to manage their waste properly and got welled oriented with biodiversity conservation and forest protection information that was presented by the team…read more

Posted 12 Jan, 2018

Rural Development Agency implements environmental awareness raising activity at rice festival in Xayabouly Province

ProCEEd facilitated a training in environmental awareness raising for the Rural Development Association (RDA), helping to build the organisation’s capacity before RDA headed to the field to implement what they learned at Xayabouly’s annual rice festival...read more

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Environmental Awareness Raising Activities Conducted by PONRE in Khammouane

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Second Survey on Environmental Awareness in Laos

As a follow-up to the 2012 KAP survey, ProCEEd launched a post-KAP in November 2016. It will compare results from 2012 with the ones from 2016. More...

Comic Book and Illustrations on Wildlife Conservation

ProCEEd published a comic book and a series of illustrations on wildlife conservation used on the 2016 Environmental Tour. More...

Training on Provincial Environmental Radio Programs

ProCEEd trained journalists from radio stations in Khammouane and Houaphan on environmental radio program productions. More...


You can now watch 12 professionally produced documentary films broadcast on LNTV in 2017. Three or four episodes of 15 minutes each make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic, e.g. wildlife or forest protection. More films supported by ProCEEd and other GIZ projects are shown as well.


You can listen in to selected radio programs produced by LNR Khammouane in Thakek and Boualapha as well as by LNR Huaphan in Sam Neua and Houameuang. Some of them have even been translated into Khmu and Hmong language. Three 15-min episodes make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic.


At the provincial and district level, Environmental Tours with entertaining environmental education activities regularly tour four provinces and Vientiane Capital. A bus and a truck using solar-powered equipment facilitate film, theatre and local learning and discussion initiatives. Don’t miss the tour!