ProCEEd Enhances Capacity Building on the Interactive Facilitation of Events for Lao Environmental Education Organizations

On 3-7 Sept 2018, the ProCEEd - Promotion of Climate-related Environmental Education project of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Entwicklung - GIZ in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (DEQP/MoNRE) has held a workshop on Moderation and Visualization for Group Events (MOVE) and Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) at the Vientiane Plaza Hotel in Vientiane Capital.

The twenty-five participants included government staff from DEQP, the Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment (PONRE) of Khammouane Province, the District of Natural Resources and Environmental (DONRE) of Boualapha district, academic institutions such as the Mobile Conservation Union (MCU) and Social Environmental Education and Development (SEED) of the National University of Laos, as well as civil society organizations (CSOs) such as Mind Media, the Rural Development Association (RDA), and the Lao Biodiversity Association (LBA).

The workshop has been moderated by Manfred Oepen from Germany, a renowned expert on MOVE and PRA as applied in environmental education, communication and awareness raising. The workshop has focused on methods and tools meant to elicit ideas and reach group consensus on one or more key issues or courses of action. The participants have learned how to use elements of moderation and visualization in their environmental education work, and they discussed methods and tools that are appropriate to the mostly rural target groups that DEQP and its partners are working with. Moreover, they practiced a variety of MOVE methods and tools, e.g. brainstorming, exercises, games, working groups, visual aids, scripting etc., which are most useful for indoor training or workshop events. In a similarly interactive way, PRA is best suited for outdoor community events as it uses tools such as transect walks, mapping, focus group discussions (FGD), seasonal calendar, resource use charts or trend analyses.  The participants also practiced these tools in a real-life exercise related to waste management and recycling at the hotel and neighboring shops and residents of Saylom Road.

ProCEEd is a component of ProFEB, the Protection and Sustainable Use of Forest Ecosystems and Biodiversity program of GIZ. It aims at increasing the knowledge and awareness of government officials and the local population in specific target areas regarding the protection and sustainable management of natural resources. The project is cooperating with the DEQP/MoNRE contributes to environmental and climate protection in Laos through environmental education, communication and awareness raising. In order to meet this objective, DEQP aims at increasing the number, skills and capacity development of the next generation of staff and volunteers at MoNRE, PONRE and CSOs as important. To this end, soft skills related to MOVE and PRA are crucial for fostering organizations capable of planning and implementing such activities.



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You can now watch 12 professionally produced documentary films broadcast on LNTV in 2017. Three or four episodes of 15 minutes each make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic, e.g. wildlife or forest protection. More films supported by ProCEEd and other GIZ projects are shown as well.


You can listen in to selected radio programs produced by LNR Khammouane in Thakek and Boualapha as well as by LNR Huaphan in Sam Neua and Houameuang. Some of them have even been translated into Khmu and Hmong language. Three 15-min episodes make up for a mini-series that focuses on a specific topic.


At the provincial and district level, Environmental Tours with entertaining environmental education activities regularly tour four provinces and Vientiane Capital. A bus and a truck using solar-powered equipment facilitate film, theatre and local learning and discussion initiatives. Don’t miss the tour!